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12/28/2012: Singing Taylor Swift

By: hamson on December 28, 2012

There are moments that you have to capitalize and cherish as a parent to get through all the rest. Sitting in the front seat of the car, listening to the boys sing along to Taylor Swift… it made me so happy. I tried to capture it (which of course you never really can) on video.

8/30/2012: AJ Singing

By: hamson on August 30, 2012

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3/1/2010: Disneyland Pool Slide (videos)

By: hamson on March 1, 2010

9/14/2009: Tyler and Jaxon Read Books (video)

By: hamson on September 14, 2009

7/25/2009: AJ’s Night Sounds (video)

By: hamson on July 25, 2009

People wonder why we don’t (want to) sleep in the same room as our infants. All our babies make sounds, but AJ takes the lead in grunts, groans, squeaks and peeps when he is sleeping.
Teri actually got up and got the recorder to try and capture a little piece of what she has to listen to during the night.
(There is no image… its night remember… just listen)

7/10/09: AJ Baps the Red Bird (kind of) (video)

By: hamson on July 10, 2009

7/7/2009: Jaxon and Tyler Swim with Daddy (video)

By: hamson on July 7, 2009

7/3/2009: AJ in the hospital (video)

By: hamson on July 3, 2009

6/27/2009: Tyler Reads Moo Baa La La La (video)

By: hamson on June 27, 2009

6/15/2009: Tyler Tries to Juggle (video)

By: hamson on June 15, 2009

6/2/2009: Tyler and His Gun Sound Effects (video)

By: hamson on June 2, 2009

Norm thought it was funny how his two year old son can make better sound effects that most women. It must be something in the male gene.

4/27/2009: Jaxon and Tyler in the Pool (video)

By: hamson on April 27, 2009

4/22/2009: Jaxon and Tyler Wrestle (video)

By: hamson on April 22, 2009

7/3/2008: Tyler Takes Steps (video)

By: hamson on July 3, 2008

6/21/2008: Jaxon Sings ABCs (video)

By: hamson on June 21, 2008

5/19/2008: Tyler Signs “More” (video)

By: hamson on May 19, 2008

5/15/2008: Jaxon and Tyler (video)

By: hamson on May 15, 2008

4/16/2008: Jaxon on the Trampoline (video)

By: hamson on April 16, 2008

4/15/2008: Jaxon Tells A Story about the New Pool (video)

By: hamson on April 15, 2008

4/14/2008: Tyler Crawls (video)

By: hamson on April 14, 2008

4/6/2008: Tyler Plays with a Toy & Crawls (video)

By: hamson on April 6, 2008

2/9/2008: Ty Tries to Eat Fingerfoods (video)

By: hamson on February 9, 2008

2/3/2008: Jaxon Helps Read Books Before Bed (video)

By: hamson on February 3, 2008

One of our nightly rituals is reading books and has been for a long time. We start with family scriptures and then we pick a book or two. Tonight, Jaxon wanted to read Green Eggs and Ham to Daddy.

While Jaxon was reading to Daddy and Mommy was filming (cause it was so stinking cute) Tyler got left on the floor to fend for himself. Luckily he is a very happy baby.

1/29/2008: Tyler Eats and Claps (video)

By: hamson on January 29, 2008