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Get Used To It

By: hamson on May 26, 2009

Welcome friends and family to our new site.  Please be advised that we are in the development stage and therefore it may be a bit of a rocky road ahead of us.

Norm has been wanting to “update” our site for some time. It usually comes up every time he is looking for specific pictures and can’t find them because our old site had no good way to search. We also heard it from his friend Eric, who always is up to date with cool features on his site.

Anyway, it is about time we did something about it, so after a bit of our own research we have finally settled on creating our new site using WordPress, SmugMug, and a really cool plugin called WP-SmugMug which is a super cool app that will allow us to continue on as more of a “photo journal” than a standard blog (and as an added cool fact, WP-SmugMug was created by one of Eric’s buddies (yep, the very same Eric who gives us crap about our outdated site) Adam Tow.

So we hope you enjoy the new site.  And if you don’t, you may as well try and get used to it if you want to keep coming around.

If you are already a bit overwhelmed, we created an “instructional post” to help guide you. Click here to go directly to New Web Site Instruction Post.

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