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Roo’s Ultrasounds

By: hamson on May 21, 2009

Yesterday we got Roo’s 3D ultrasound which will most likely conclude our viewing of this baby before he decides to come out. We posted the ultrasound photos on Roo’s Baby Page but decided to make a post too just for those of you who forget to check the baby page.

View photos at SmugMug

2 Responses to “Roo’s Ultrasounds”

  1. britt says:

    Roo looks like thumper to me. I love 3D ultrasounds. Congratulations. How exciting to be almost there…


  2. norm says:

    I thought he looked more like Tiger when we were getting the ultrasound (so mostly from memory), but comparing them, he looks thumper. Mostly, I guess, he looks like a big, fat baby; which is what we’re expecting.

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