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Baby Pages

A baby is God’s opinion that the world should go on. -Carl Sandburg
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Jaxon's Baby Page

Jax's Baby Page

Tyler's Baby Page

Tyler's Baby Page

Roo's Baby Page

Roo's Baby Page

Since Teri was pregnant with our first son, we’ve kept an online record of her pregnancies.¬† Each pregnancy has had their similarities and differences and we’ve tried to keep track¬† just for our own comparison purposes.

Teri bought the same pregancy journal book for all three kids and has detailed entries on how she feels and such written in them. For the second and third pregnancy she would actually refer to the previous book(s) to make sure she was writing the same kind of information as she had in the past (in addition to whatever new stuff she wanted).

While her books keep track of more day to day stuff, our online pages are a really cool visual record. We have our ultrasounds uploaded and, starting with Tyler, Teri actually began taking pictures of herself to watch her growth.

Jaxon’s Baby Page – known as TIGER in utero.

Tyler’s Baby Page – known as THUMPER in utero.

Baby 3′s Baby Page – known as ROO in utero.